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Nathalie Ortega

We are illustrators and graphic designers. We do freelance projects for publishers and companies all around the world, from Spain to Australia.

We have extensive experience in book illustration, publications, SEO websites, digital video and much more.

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We're pretty good at this:

Illustration for school books

Girl walking in the rain Kids playing at the beach Submarine scene with an octopus, a whale, a dolphin, a crab and coral A scientific catching the moon

Web design, CMS, WordPress, Drupal, SEO technology, Responsive Web, social networks

Home page of the CECRV website Home page of the FIECOV Communications website Alfaelectrik web page

Posters, brochures, advertisement, banners

Brochures for departments of AIMME Illustration of a red headed woman laying on green sleeves Poster of a man with Asperger's Syndrome Poster of different electrician's tools

Illustration for kids and teenagers

Red headed girl playing trumpet at her room Pirate man and boy in a pirate ship Red headed pirate woman manning a boat A witch in her kitchen, magically scrubbing the dishes Girl with her toys and dog at her room

Corporate brand design

Logo and corporate identity manual for CECRV Yellow silkscreen t-shirt

Digital video, spots, corporate video, DVD and BluRay

Close-up shot of piano benches showing the brand Hidrau-Model Outside view of the Eurosanex offices Front cover of a DVD with a lightbulb mascot

Press, ebooks, PDF

Cover for 2010 AIMME Annual Report Double page for I+D+i Double page for Training Double page for Laboratories

Storyboards, characters, mascots

Young people talking Black cat with a little bell Storyboard showing a piano player Cartoon animation storyboard

Illustration for kids and teenagers

Wolf with the moon at the sky, laughing at him A cutter forces a pencil to make a drawing on a paper Man driving a car at full speed Several frogs look shocked under a bridge A mouse dressed as Santa Claus, driving a sledge on the snow

Illustration for school books

Sailboat sailing the sea at night School with animal characters Camping with young boys and girls Sports center and play places for kids

Nathalie Ortega

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Nathalie illustrates children's books and school books for the most prestigious publishing companies all around the world: Longman, Pearson Education, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury and Balberry to name a few.

She designs characters and draws storyboards for cartoon animation series for various European countries. In addition, her passion is modeling Polymer Clay. You can find some of her work at her Etsy shop.

Rafa Gómez

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rafa Gómez does graphic design and web projects. Digital video is another of his specialties.

He also lectures about audio-visuals, graphic design and animation at various centers in Spain.

Rafa also lends Nathalie a hand by colouring her illustrations.

Nathalie Ortega Etsy

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